Fall victim suffered severe brain injuries, inquest hears

AN inquest into the death of a Magherafelt man, has heard how the victim suffered a severe brain haemorrhage after he fell and hit his head at a house party.

William Guy (pictured above), 48 - a prison officer - was found slumped against a wall at the bottom of stairs outside a flat on Rainey Street in the town on February, 22 by police, who had been called to the property.

The victim’s tearful girlfriend told the coroner’s court, that the couple had just got engaged in the days before the tragedy.

Tara McNabb, originally from Birmingham also told the court that she remembered accusing her brother Liam of killing Mr Guy, who she referred to as ‘Foxy” throughout the hearing.

“I remember being hysterical, I remember shouting at Liam ‘you killed him’,” she said.

“My brother could be hot-tempered, and very protective of me, but he was also very kind-hearted.”

Earlier police revealed that Liam McNabb had been questioned over the “suspicious death” and a report sent to the public prosecution service. The PPS recommended that no charges should be pressed against Mr McNabb as there “had been insufficient evidence”.

Several witnesses who had been at the flat, alleged that Mr McNabb had said he had punched the victim, before he fell and hit his head.

Mr McNabb, however, denied these claims.

“He lost his balance, he fell and I can remember helping him to his feet.

“I definitely did not punch the man,” said Mr McNabb.

The coroner Joanne Donnelly said it was important that the court recognised that Mr McNabb was not “appearing as a defendant, but as a witness”.

Another witness, Christopher McKenna who had been drinking with the group said he “had heard stories that Foxy [Mr Guy] had hit her [Tara McNabb].

Police officers were called to the flat at shortly before 4am, after one of the tenants requested that people be removed.

A number of people including Mr Guy and his girlfriend had gathered at the flat, after drinking at a number of local pubs in the town.

Officers attempted to help Mr Guy to his feet but he collapsed. Medical experts said they believed that the Mr Guy had already died after falling outside the flat.

The Deputy State Pathologist, Dr Alistair Bentley said the cause had been traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage from a blunt trauma of the head.

Dr Bentley went further saying the bruising caused to the back of the victim’s head was consistent with hitting a door frame in the flat.

The inquest was adjourned until February 4, after four witnesses failed to attend yesterday’s hearing at Magherafelt court house.