Festive fun at Loughry!

EXPLORING food processing has never been such fun.

This was certainly the case when Loughry’s National Diploma students got into the Christmas spirit by investigating the commercial production of our old favourite - the Christmas pudding!

ThE hands on experience is what separates CAFRE students from others entering the industry, with students on National Diploma courses in Food Technology and Food, Nutrition and Health excelling in their knowledge of how food is made.

Of course it is not just in these festive times that our students get to produce foods commercially, with Loughry’s world class facilities providing a centre point for learning throughout the year.

Students also pick up a range of personal and transferable skills along the way, such as leadership, communication, team work and working to deadlines - all too important in today’s competitive employment market.

It is little wonder that over 96% of Loughry graduates are in employment or in higher education courses within six months of completing a National Diploma course.

If you think you’d shine in a practical environment and are up for a career in Northern Ireland’s biggest manufacturing sector then log on to www.cafre.ac.uk and check out our food courses.