Five arrests in town at weekend

FIVE men were arrested at the weekend for disorderly behaviour.

A 20-year-old man was arrested in the early hours of Sunday for offences including assualting police and later released on bail pending further enquiries.

In the early hours of Monday morning men aged 28, 30 and 39 years old were arrested for disorderly behaviour. The 28-year-old was released while the 30-year-old is due to appear in court in September.

The 39-year-old, who was arrested at Glenavon Park was on suspicion of common assault was released pending further enquiries.

Another 28-year-old man arrested at Oldtown Street at 2am on Saturday and charged with disorderly behaviour, resisting police and assaulting officers. He is to appear in court next month.

Inspector Hazel Moucka, the Cookstown sector commander, said that her officers were committed ensuring safety around the town’s pubs and clubs.

“Cookstown attracts a large number of people from a wide area of Northern Ireland to its clubs, hotels and other licensed premises,” she said.

“The vast majority of events pass off without incident, but police have a responsibility to ensure that those at the events are able to enjoy them without the fear of violence or disorder.

“We also have a responsibility to those who live in close proximity to venues to ensure that they are able to enjoy the privacy of their own homes without annoyance.

“But there is also a personal responsibility on all who go out for a night’s entertainment to moderate their conduct. Getting involved in disorderly behaviour or a fight can have long-lasting consequences.

“The outcome could include a criminal record, and that could prove to be a barrier to employment, education, or even a visa to travel to some countries.”