Girl raped in Cookstown

POLICE are investigating the rape of a young girl in Cookstown at the weekend.

A 16-year-old male was arrested on suspicion of rape and released on police bail pending further enquiries.

It is claimed the rape occurred at premises in the Molesworth Street area.

In two separate incidents two males both in their middle teens were also assaulted.

The males suffered facial injuries and one had a wallet stolen.

Local Inspector Hazel Moucka voiced her concern at the increase in the level of crime at the weekend.

“Police and voluntary resources were busy with a number of youths found intoxicated but the assault allegations are unusual at these events and take it to another level,” said Inspector Moucka.

She urged young people to look out for each other, stay with their friends and not to be taking alcohol which leaves them incoherent and incapable of looking after themselves.

“Again parents and drivers must take responsibility for the actions of the young people. Police are working with licensees; bus companies and other statutory agencies to address these issues.

And in a separate incident a foreign national male was taken to Craigavon Hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning after he suffered facial injuries in the William Street area of the town. Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the attack.