‘Healthy Start Scheme needs publicised’ McEldowney

SINN Féin Councillor Kate McEldowney has called for more public information to be made available for the Healthy Start scheme.

Councillor McEldowney stated: “At present the uptake of the Healthy Start vitamins, among families qualifying for the scheme, is low.

“It is important that women and families who may be eligible for Healthy Start know how they can apply for the scheme, and are made aware of how they can obtain vitamins locally.

“Women qualify for Healthy Start from the 10th week of pregnancy or if they have a child under four years old. Families on benefits or low income also qualify for the scheme.

“Vitamin deficiency can lead to many health problems both immediate and in later years, so it is important that people maintain a good level.

“This scheme is aimed at maintaining a safe level of vitamin D within the body for those who are lacking in it or are at risk due to health problems. This is especially true for those women who are pregnant and children under five.”