Hunt for silver pick-up connected to series of thefts

POLICE are hunting a silver pick-up truck connected to a series of thefts across the Draperstown, Maghera and Magherafelt areas.

Detectives are appealing to the public for more information on the vehicle, which was reported to have been used in a spate of machinery, metal and farming equipment thefts.There have also been reports of a similar vehicle being used to sell on goods, including chain saws and lawn mowers.

So far police have been unable to find out the make or model of the vehicle, as well as its registration.

Speaking to the MAIL, Area Commander for G District Sam Donaldson appealed for anyone who has encountered the vehicle in suspicious circumstances to contact police or Crimestoppers with information.

“I’ve got information to suggest that a silver pick-up may have been involved in a number of thefts in the area and I also have information to suggest that a silver pick-up may have been trying to sell goods,” explained Chief Inspector Donaldson,

“The reports have mostly been in the Draperstown area but there was also a report in the Magherafelt area and a report in the Maghera area.

“But I need more people to come back to me and tell me the registration number of this vehicle and who was driving it”

“Did it pull into your yard? Is it anyone local? If anyone has any information on that silver pick up I would love to hear from them.”

The Area Commander continued: “Again it’s the chain saws, the lawn mowers, the metals - and it doesn’t matter if its gates from a field or a grating from the road. Thieves will take it. Metal is worth a lot of money now and anyone you get approaching you with metal for sale, please be suspicious and give us a call.”

If you have information on this vehicle you can contact police directly or anonymous charity Crimestoppers on 0800 55 111.