Jane’s hair-raising attempt to raise cash for charity

Jane Love will shave her head for Asda's Tickled Pink campaign this Friday at the Cookstown store.
Jane Love will shave her head for Asda's Tickled Pink campaign this Friday at the Cookstown store.

By Patricia Devlin

A KILDRESS woman is set to make a hair-raising attempt to raise cash for cancer - by shaving her head!

Jane Love (pictured), an employee at Asda, Cookstown, will have her long locks shaved off by two of her co-workers at the Sweep Road store this Friday for its Tickled Pink campaign, which raises funds for those affected by breast cancer.

Jane was inspired to raise money for the cause after her mum took ill from the disease some years ago. On Tuesday the 43 year-old mum went one step further by having her brunette mane dyed pink - symbolic to the campaign she will voluntarily lose her hair for.

“I wanted to do it last year but never got around to it,” Jane told the MAIL.

“So this year I made a commitment to doing it. My mum had breast cancer some years ago, so I know the importance of the help provided by cancer charities.

“When I told her what I had planned she wasn’t surprised. She said that would be something I would because I’m crazy!” Laughed Jane.

“My husband said go for it, Caitlin, my daughter wasn’t too keen but when I explained to her why I was doing it she understood. The boys don’t seem to really mind and my dad has just asked me not to come around the house after dark!”

Entering its 16th year, Asda’s Tickled Pink campaign benefits two breast cancer charities – Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign. Since it started, ASDA’s work has raised over £29 million to go towards helping those affected by cancer.

Jane will lose her locks at 4pm at Asda’s Cookstown store where co-workers Alannah and Jason will take a leading role in her selfless charity act.

“Most people think I am brave for doing this but the way I look at it is it’s only hair and it will grow back,” says Jane.

“I’m doing this is support of all the other people who have had no choice but to lose their hair to cancer.”

“I just hope that Jason and Alannah don’t take too much pleasure in shaving my head on Friday.”

If you want to donate to Jane’s selfless charity challenge why not go down to Asda, Cookstown this Friday for 4pm.