Judge calls on Justice Minister to review penalties for poorly kept vehicles

A MAGHERAFELT judge has called on the Justice Minister to review penalties for those convicted of using vehicles in dangerous conditions.

District Judge Desmond Perry said that it was “ridiculous” that drivers using cars in poorly kept conditions escaped penalty points. The judge made his comments when dealing with the case of 19 year-old Jordan Crumley of Dunnalong Road, Bready who appeared at Magherafelt Magistrates Court on a number of motoring charges including having a defective exhaust system and having an incorrect form of registration mark.

Crumley was also charged with driving a car in a dangerous condition. The charges relate to an incident on Church Street, Magherafelt on September 30th last year when police stopped Crumley and carried out an inspection on the car he was driving.

Officers noted that the numbers on the vehicle’s registration plate were too small and its exhaust system was defective. Crumley’s defence solicitor told the court that his client had just purchased the car the week before, and was someone who could “barely change a tyre” when it came to car maintenance.

Imposing fines totalling £300, District Judge Desmond Perry said that the offences were ones that should carry penalty points.

“It is one of the most ridiculous situations where a vehicle in a dangerous condition does not carry penalty points but a driver displaying no ‘L’ plates does.”

“Perhaps the Justice Minister needs to look at this.”

The judge added: “It is up to you to make sure your vehicle is adopted for proper use of the road.”