Large quantities of 'illicit' cigarettes being sold in Dungannon


Honest Dungannon traders are being 'ripped off' by others in the town selling 'under-the-counter' cigarettes at a reduced price.

That's according to Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott, who has said there's a great deal of work still to be done by the Government to tackle the UK's large illicit tobacco market.

"I have established through an answer to one of my Parliamentary questions, that the tax gap made up by the illicit tobacco market was estimated to be £2.4 billion in 2015-16," he said.

"Of this, £1.9 billion was lost in tobacco duties and £0.5 billion in VAT. These are huge, unnecessary costs to the public purse which is why I believe more needs to be done to tackle this crisis.

"I know from speaking to local traders in Dungannon, that illegal cigarettes are being sold in large quantities ‘under-the-counter’ for a reduced price.

"These cigarettes most likely have no UK Duty paid and as such they are ripping off local traders who are selling goods honestly as well as the local economy.

"The illicit tobacco market is unfair and unjustified.

"I will continue to push for the Government to do much more to tackle this prominent issue which is affecting local traders in Fermanagh and South Tyrone."