LATEST: Police urge vigilance after several reports of drivers going wrong way on A4

'Pay attention to road signs' say police
'Pay attention to road signs' say police

Police in Dungannon are asking motorists using the new A4 dual carriageway to pay special attention to road signs after a motorist was caught on camera driving the wrong way.

This paper shared footage earlier today, after the driver of a Volvo was alleged in a near miss on the road, which stretches from the end of the M1 to near the Ballygawley roundabout.

Chief Inspector Roy Robinson, said: "We have had several reports in the past of motorists joining from side roads and then turning onto the wrong carriageway, and more recently we received a report that a vehicle was travelling on the westbound carriageway on the A4, in the wrong direction on 1st January. It is thought this happened at around 12.44pm."

Police would be keen to speak to anyone who witnessed this incident. The number to call is 101.

"We cannot over emphasis the potential dangers and would urge motorists to be mindful of road signage on this stretch of road. Driving the ‘wrong’ way along a dual carriageway is incredibly dangerous, given that traffic on the road can be travelling at up to 70mph," he added.