Loughshore residents left angry and upset by ‘Kill All Taigs’ graffiti

'KAT' was sprayed on the Battery Road near the Loughshore
'KAT' was sprayed on the Battery Road near the Loughshore

Sectarian graffiti that has appeared on bus stops and roads from Cookstown to the Loughshore has been condemned by Sinn Fein after causing upset among local people.

The slogan KAT, which is said to mean ‘Kill All Taigs’, has been sprayed along the Battery road, damaging public property.

Cllr McGinley said sectarian slogans have appeared along the arterial route to Cookstown on bus stops and the road itself, and that local residents him to voice their concern and anger.

Cllr McGinley has hit out at those who carried out the vandalism.

“Community relations around the Loughshore are generally good. To see this recent graffiti is extremely disappointing,” he said.

“It’s not acceptable at any level and I would ask those involved to catch themselves on. We are entering into a time of year where tensions can be high, it’s imperative that silly acts like this are stopped.”

The Sinn Fein councillor said he has since asked council officials to step in and remove the graffiti, but added that council resources are stretched.

“Council resources, like everything else, are stretched. I’m disappointed that I have to ask our council officials to do this, but offensive and sectarian vandalism should not be tolerated.

“People should not be forced to look at this as they go about their business.

“I’m sure council will react quickly, but those responsible should know that their foolish behaviour is not only offensive, but wasting rate payers money and council officials time.

“They should grow up and engage in something positive,” he added.