Maghera woman with ‘ridiculous record’ imprisoned for scoring partner’s car

Magherafelt Court
Magherafelt Court

A Maghera woman whose “record has grown to a ridiculous length” has been imprisoned for five months for leaving 8-10 inch scores on “her partner’s” car that cost £1,050 to respray.

Catherine Silverson, 50, from King William III Crescent appeared before Magherafelt Magistrates Court to plead guilty to a charge of criminal damage.

The court heard how she got out of a car as a passenger and “caused scores” on the red Nissan car on August 17 this year.

In her defence, counsel pleaded for leniency as Silverson had admitted her guilt.

“This was her partner’s car and they had a falling out at that time,” he said.

Passing sentence, Judge White commented on the length of her criminal record, adding: “Custody is inevitable.”

He sentenced her to five months in prison, adding a £15 offender’s levy.