Man found with cocaine ‘passed to him’ at Magherafelt nightclub gets probation

Magherafelt Court
Magherafelt Court

A 22-year-old man found to be in possession of less than a gram of cocaine he said was “passed to him at Secrets” Nightclub in Magherafelt, has been placed under nine months probation.

Magherafelt Magistrates Court heard how Ryan Nelson from Cranfield Road in Randalstown told police he was to give the drug to someone else, which led to charges of possession with intent to supply the class A substance.

The incident took place on December 13 last year.

In his defence, counsel told the court: “This was the first time he had involved himself in this type of thing.”

A statement Judge White said he held some “degree of scepticism” over.

When asked how much of the drug Nelson had in his possession, counsel said: “We are dealing with a very small amount... less than a gram.”

Continuing to argue for leniency for his client, he told the court Nelson wasn’t arrested for “intent to supply” and the charge only came about through his own admissions during a police interview.

He said the young man had been in full time employment since leaving school and also helped out on the family farm.

Before passing sentence Judge White addressed Nelson, telling him that the crime was a very serious one and that if he came back before the court on another drugs offence he risked going to jail.