Man injured in hit and run amid efforts to tackle ‘reckless’ driver in Draperstown


Police are appealing for information following a hit and run in the River Road area of Draperstown in the early hours of Saturday morning (April 9).

It is reported that a car was driving recklessly in the area for about an hour when a male resident went outside.

He was then struck by a black car - which left him needing hospital treatment for injuries that are not life threatening. Constable Kearney said: “I would appeal to drivers involved in this type of activity to think again. This type of dangerous driving may result in serious injury or worse.

“There is a chance that you, your passengers or innocent road users could be injured or killed.

“If you are caught engaging in careless or dangerous driving, you should expect to receive a fine or prosecution through the courts.

“Police patrols in the area have been increased to combat this type of activity, however it is very important that if anyone in the community is aware of such dangerous driving, you should take down any details that you can and phone police immediately.”