Man ‘reacted’ after CS gas was sprayed in face

Magherafelt Court House.INMM0716-302
Magherafelt Court House.INMM0716-302

A south Derry man who was said by his lawyer to have come to the support of his father when police arrived to arrest him, was given a four month jail sentence suspended for two years.

Crane driver Paschal Joseph Bell (26), of Glengomna Road, Draperstown, admitted charges of assaulting police, obstructing officer and damaging a G4S monitoring unit.

Magherafelt Magistrates Court was told the incident happened on June 22 this year when police called at Glengomna Road relating to a breach of bail.

Prosecuting counsel said one constable was pushed on the chest by the defendant as he entered the kitchen.

She said Bell was aggressive and the officer decided to use CS spray in an effort to calm him down.

The lawyer said while trying to get him to calm down, Bell punched a sergeant and threw a glass at a constable.

She said he held up and smashed a G4S monitoring unit on the floor.

Counsel added that police held his arms and put him on the ground and used CS spray in order to control him.

A defence lawyer said the defendant reacted after the police sprayed CS gas in his face.

He said Bell accepted that he behaved in a totally inappropriate manner but wished to apologise for his actions.

The lawyer said he was now working in England as a crane driver and wanted to have the matter dealt with.

“He was acting in support of his father on this occasion,” he added.

District Judge Oonagh Mullan also ordered Bell to pay £260 compensation in respect of the damaged unit.