Man ‘staged’ police abuse while filming it on mobile phone

A COOKSTOWN man who “staged” a tirade of abuse at police officers whilst filming it on a mobile phone has been jailed.

Ryan Hughes (25) of Drum Road was arrested outside Sense Nightclub in Cookstown on July 25th last year.

Officers were speaking to Hughes at approximately 1.30am when he became verbally abusive.

He said to officers: “I’m sure you’s stick a lot of things up your a**,”

Police warned the 25 year-old to remove himself from the vicinity, he eventually did but returned a short-time later and carried on being abusive to officers.

A PPS solicitor said police believed his behaviour may have been “staged” as Hughes was filming the incident on a mobile phone.

When arrested and placed in a police vehicle the 25 year-old said: “The camera showed what happened.”

Hughes faced further charges of breaching bail after failing to turn up to court in January.

Blaine Nugent defending said his client had suffered tragedy in his life, and was still coming to terms with that.

Sentencing the Cookstown man, District Judge John Meehan said: “Bringing a camera along is someone who thinks he is cleverer than others.”

“You have worked very hard to get yourself a disorderly behaviour conviction. You thought that this was a bit of fun.”

He added that the 25 year-old had shown no remorse and was also in breach of a suspended sentence for drug possession.

“A Community Service Order would be pointless,” added the judge.

Hughes was sentenced to an immediate custodial sentence of one month and also ordered to serve one month of a four month suspended sentence.

Hughes was also ordered to pay a fine of £100 for failing to surrender to bail.