McCrea welcomes work on Lissan ‘danger dip’

A MID-ULSTER MLA has welcomed work on a dangerous stretch of road outside Cookstown.

Road Service commenced work on the Lissan Road after problems associated with the installation of a major water pipe in the area.

A section of the road had given way after NIW work on the road.

“I welcome the commencement of works by Roads Service that will I trust rectify this dangerous dip that formed on the Lissan Road outside Liscoole Estate,” said Mr McCrea.

“The matter came to light by numerous constituents high lighting the matter with me and upon investigation, it was realised that the ground around a recently installed pipe by NIW had started to give way allowing the road above to dip.”

He continued: “Following much negotiation between myself, Roads Service and NI Water agreement was reached so that Roads Service could repair the section of road and more importantly make the situation safe.

“I am delight to see this work get under way and trust that the matter will now be resolved permanently.”