Michaela trial coming to an end

THE trial of two men accused of murdering Michaela McAreavey during her honeymoon in Mauritius in January last year is expected to end next week.

The final witness in the case - which has seen almost 50 witnesses testify during the past seven weeks - was the representative of a phone company who confirmed that one of the accused Sandip Moneea made a call at the time the prosecution say Michaela was murdered.

While the defence has claimed this proves he could not have been involved in the killing, prosecution lawyers said he was making the call to his sister to ask advice after what he had done.

It is thought the closing statements from the defence will be made on Friday and Monday, with the judge’s summing up to take place later in the week.

The trial was originally expected to last around two weeks.

Mr Moneea (43) and co-accused 32-year-old Avinash Treebhoowoon, both former workers at the Legends Hotel which has since been renamed Lux, deny the killing.

Earlier this week the father of Mr Treebhoowoon was accused of lying to protect his son. He denied this, but said “I have to get my son out of this”.

Medical reports of Mr Treebhoowoon, made after his arrest, were also read to the court. The accused has claimed he was tortured until he confessed to the murder.

The reports concluded Mr Treebhoowoon’s condition was “fair” and neither his face nor abdomen showed signs of injury.

An ear, nose and throat specialist then gave evidence from an examination carried out two days later which showed that while he found a perforation in Mr Treebhoowoon’s left ear, this was caused by an infection.

The doctor said that when he asked Mr Treebhoowoon if he had sustained any injuries, he said no.

Michaela’s widower John remains on the island with his sister Claire, father Brendan and brother-in-law Mark Harte.