Mother hits out after syringes found in park

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A COOKSTOWN mother has spoken of her fear after syringes and a bag of what are suspected to be illegal drugs were found near a play park in a local housing estate.

It is the second such incident this year, following the discovery of a syringe and empty bottle at the steps leading out of the park at the Killymoon estate a few months ago.

Speaking after the latest incident Nadine Quinn, a member of Killymoon Community Group, said she fears her 10-year-old daughter and other children who play in the park on a regular basis might stumble on the dangerous paraphernalia with dire consequences.

“I would be very worried that kids might pick them up out of curiosity,” she told the Mail. “Or that people of any age might not see them and accidentally stand on them. You don’t know what might be in the equipment or what might happen someone who touched it.”

Nadine, whose mother-in-law came upon the latest find while on her way to the shop at around 11am on Tuesday morning, called for more police patrols in the area and better street lighting to deter those who are using the drugs from congregating in that area.

“I think there needs to be more attention drawn to that area if that’s where they are gathering to do whatever they’re doing,” she said. “Especially coming into the summer months when the children are off school and are out playing from very early in the morning. Anyone could have found those before my mother-in-law did. We called the police to have them removed but imagine a child had found them and picked them up before that.”

Police confirmed they removed the two syringes and suspected drugs for further examination. They said forensic examinations were continuing.

In response to a query from the Mail about extra patrols in the area a spokesman said: “The PSNI is committed to tackling crime in all its forms and any incident which is reported to police will be thoroughly investigated in an expeditious, efficient and professional manner.

“Police continue to work closely with local community organisations and patrols will pay close attention to the area to keep Cookstown a safe place for everyone. Police would like to make an appeal for anyone who has concerns or notices suspicious activity to contact local police on 0845 600 8000.”