'No justification' for sectarian graffiti sprayed on house

Sectarian graffiti sprayed on front window

Sectarian and racist graffiti were daubed on a wall and window of a vacant house in Magherafelt.

'No taigs or foreigners' and 'no taigs' were sprayed on the wall and front window of the property at Leckagh Walk.

A wall of the property was targeted in the attack

Local Sinn Féin Councllor Darren Totten has strongly condemned the incident.

He said: “There is no justification whatsoever for this vandalism or blatant sectarianism and racism. We can have no tolerance in our society for this kind of small-minded xenophobia.

"I know from my work as a councillor with many people from this area of Magherafelt that this is not representative of the majority opinion but the non-sensical act of a very small number of misguided individuals.

“I would ask those behind this graffiti to think about what they’re doing and how it reflects on themselves, their families and neighbours. Magherafelt is a welcoming, diverse and forward-looking community where such intimidation is out of step with the majority of people here and where the population deplore this type of behaviour.”

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