Number of attempted phone scams 'very disturbing'

Councillor Cora Corry is warning people to be viligant.
Councillor Cora Corry is warning people to be viligant.

A Mid Ulster councillor has expressed concern at the number of phone scam attempts in the Ballinascreen area.

Councillor Cora Corry urged people to be vigilant when answering calls and while using social media.

She said: "In one case a phone call was received and an answer message claimed that there had been a £600 card transaction for a continental holiday in the last 15 minutes and that if the transaction was incorrect or suspicious to press 1 to cancel.

"The potential victim had made no such transaction and hung up as the call was suspicious and contacted his bank who confirmed his suspicions.

"In another case a lady received a call claiming to be from her bank and was asked to give account details and security information. When she questioned the caller they hung up. Banks will never ask for all your details."

The Sinn Féin representative said it is very disturbing the number of scam calls at present as well as through social media.

"I would urge people to be vigilant. Scams are getting more sophisticated and scammers will often spend months befriending people on social media before asking for financial help for one reason or another," she continued.

"There are a few things to help protect potential victims, a good tool to help people to be aware is the ‘Scam’ test:

S - seems too good to be true

C – contacted out of the blue

A – asked for personal details

M – money is requested

"If you are suspicious of any caller claiming to be from a bank or any other providers, do not give any personal information, press numbers or give control of a device. Hang up and use a number from correspondence, that you know to be legitimate to contact them if you are concerned.”