P.S.N.I. arrest 'another potential killer' - police warn others 'we will catch you'

The blue Renault Megane. (Photo: P.S.N.I.)
The blue Renault Megane. (Photo: P.S.N.I.)

The P.S.N.I. has described a man arrested on suspicion of drink-driving on Tuesday morning as "another potential killer".

A member of the public contacted P.S.N.I. in Mid-Ulster when they witnessed a motorist driving a blue Renault Megane from Cookstown to Dungannon.

"Another day, another drunk and another potential killer caught," said the P.S.N.I.

"An accurate vehicle description, registration and direction of travel meant Dungannon and Cookstown crews on morning patrols were able to locate the vehicle promptly and arrest the driver - just after 7am.

"Crazy that we still have a daily diet of selfish drunks filling our custody suite," said the police.

"We’ll repeat what we’ve said so many times: 'you drink and drive in Mid-Ulster - we will catch you.

"Drink drivers care for no one but themselves.

"Have the backbone to get up, challenge and stigmatise those who drink and drive.

"The time you don’t could be the time they kill one of your own family."