Parent’s anger at ‘horrific’ graffiti on play park slide in Cookstown


A Cookstown mum has said she was left “horrified” to discover a huge penis daubed on play park slide in Cookstown, alongside an extremely crude suggestion.

At the park with her young daughter over the weekend, the local woman said: “I was horrified that someone would do that knowing that small children were going to be using it.”

The picture of the penis covered most of the slide in play park beside Gibney Court on Orritor Street, and inscribed below it were the words “slide down my ****”.

A spokesperson from Mid Ulster Council said: “The incident of vandalism was reported to us on Saturday evening and we took immediate action to arrange removal of the graffiti on Sunday.

“We were disgusted at the nature of the graffiti and apologise to any of the park users who had to see it.”

The Mail has a picture of the graffiti but has decided not to publish it.