Petrol bomb attack on home of pensioner

POLICE in Cookstown have arrested two young people in connection to a petrol bomb attack on an elderly woman’s home in the Beechway estate on Tuesday night.

Officers and forensics were called to the area at 8pm after they received a report that a bottle, which was set on fire, was thrown at a home of a pensioner.

A neighbour of the elderly woman, who lives alone, said she became aware of the incident after hearing a number of police cars outside her home.

The woman, who has asked for her name not to appear, said: “At about 8pm last night I spotted a number of police cars arrive at my neighbour’s house so I went outside and the smell of petrol hit me right away, it was so strong.

“My neighbour lives alone and was in her sitting room when she looked out and saw a bottle on fire.

“There were a few incidents in this area last week but this is even worse as someone could have been badly injured.”

Mid Ulster MLA Ian McCrea said that the incident could have has fatal consequences: “This was a really dangerous attack as it’s a built up area and any house that is attacked could have an impact on houses close by. If a fire had started it could have spread through the house and the next stage it would have spread to someone else’s house.”

“This is not the appropriate way of dealing with the issues the people who did this have. They should come and speak to me as I don’t feel this is the right approach to do this.”

A PSNI spokesperson confirmed that two juveniles were arrested but have now been released pending further enquiries.