Plans for extra CCTV to combat anti-social behaviour in Coalisland

Additional CCTV cameras for Coalisland
Additional CCTV cameras for Coalisland

Sinn Féin members are hoping additional CCTV cameras will help combat ongoing anti-social behaviour in the area.

“As vice chair of the development committee I raised the urgent need for CCTV cameras in the Coalisland area as myself and Cllr O’Neill where inundated with complaints about anti-social behavior from businesses and residents in the area," said Councillor Doris.

"I am really pleased that my request for more CCTV cameras has been taken seriously and I want to thank all of those involved for committing to adding additional CCTV cameras in Coalisland.

"After holding a number of meetings with businesses and youth clubs in the area and listening to their concerns I believe this has the potential to be a very important factor in stopping the anti-social behavior in Coalisland as well as keeping our young people safe.”