Police seize illegal bangers in Cookstown

FOUR hundred illegal bangers were seized from an address near Cookstown at the weekend.

Police said they have also seized tyres and pallets from contentious Halloween bonfire sites in the area. Local PSNI have issued a warning that they will ensure a strong presence across the district this Halloween weekend, backed up by the visits they have laready made to local schools, shops and friework retailers.

Chief Inspector Jane Humphries said attention will be paid to locations where problems have arisen before. She also encouraged local people to report incidents and concerns over the illegal trade in fireworks to police.

“We have already made a number of seizures, including one of 400 bangers from an address near Cookstown at the weekend, she said. “Bangers are illegal – and they are also the one type of firework that we receive most complaints about.

“We have been visiting schools, shops and licensed firework retailers to remind them of the legislation and to encourage them to put their communities first.

“When we detect offences, we will look at our range of disposals, and that includes prosecution. When we seize fireworks form young people, we will write to their parents advising them of the situation.

“Police have also liaised with local councils over bonfire sites. We have already seized tyres and pallets from several contentious bonfire sites.”

Chief Inspector Humphries said communities should put safety and consideration for others at the top of the list for Halloween celebrations.

She added: “Halloween is becoming one of the busiest times of the year for the police service. This year we are making it clear that anyone caught breaking the law will be dealt with robustly.”