Police wax lyrical after drug arrest

Police were waxing lyrical as they described the arrest of a man at Belsonic last night (Friday, June 16) on suspicion of drugs offences.

Saturday, 17th June 2017, 10:37 am
Updated Monday, 19th June 2017, 12:57 pm
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A post on the PSNI Craigavon page also made an appeal for public help to tackle what was described as 'dealers of death'.

In their post police opened with a limerick:

"There once was a man from Craigavon,"Who when dealing would say, "What ya havin?""We scooped him and his stash, then to his house we did dash..."The excuses to mum he'll be blabbin'!"

Getting to the more serious side of their post they said: "OK so it's not exactly poet laureate stuff, but it pretty much tells the story.

"A guy from Craigavon chose to take suspected drugs to Belsonic last night. Unfortunately for him our Belfast colleagues are fairly on the ball, so we got a phone call in the wee small hours asking for us to do a follow up house search.

"Meanwhile he was in custody, arrested for possession of class A, B and C drugs as well as possession with intent to supply class A, B and C."

They added: "Having police turn up at your door in the early hours must he horrendous - it probably makes you think you're about to be told that someone's died. Granted, it's not THAT bad, but being told that your son has been arrested and that half a section of peelers are about to search your house at 3am can't be a nice wake up call.

"At Belsonic last night we again saw a young girl collapsed, quite possibly under the effects of drugs.

"As our DST Sergeant said yesterday - we will continue to tackle dealers of death. They don't care about you, they don't care about their communities, and they certainly don't care about the murderous thugs who's pockets they line when the money gets passed up the chain.

"Aside from the death they bring directly, drug dealing, even at street level, funds serious and organised crime. It funds human trafficking. It funds firearms purchases. It even funds terrorism.

"If you know who's dealing, talk to us. Call into a station, call 101, even private message us. Or you can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. "