Pomeroy parents hit back at Father McVeigh statement - More questions to be answered over image scandal say mums and dads

PARENTS in Pomeroy have hit back at a statement released by Father Martin McVeigh over his part in an image scandal that has rocked the parish.

On Monday it was revealed Fr McVeigh, the priest who showed indecent images to parents and teachers at a primary school meeting in May, received a “rapturous applause” from his congregation after he read a statement declaring his innocence at two Sunday services.

He has protested his innocence since children preparing for First Holy Communion in May were shown pornographic images during a computer presentation.

Following the statement, in which the cleric admitted that his part in the aftermath of the affair “complicated and confused” his parishioners, a group of parents said that they felt that the Catholic churches’ investigation into the incident was “anything but conclusive”

They say five key questions have yet to be answered by the independent investigator tasked by Armagh Diocese to delve into what happened on May 26th.

They are:

- Why the Independent Investigator was told there was only three computers owned by the parish when indeed there were six?

- Why has Fr McVeigh never met with parents and apologised as he stated in one of his press interviews that he would be doing?

- Why did Fr McVeigh destroy with a hammer the one piece of crucial evidence that could have cleared his name?

- At the conclusion of the meeting on the 20th of April the parish was offered a public meeting this has since been withdrawn, why? A Parish consensus about this matter has not been sought.

- Why investigation only began on the Friday, when the incident took place on the Monday?

The parents added that as far as they were concerned, the investigation into the incident was “inconclusive”

The statement added: “Fr Mc Veigh stated in his press release to the Irish News on the 2nd of July that after some time I left the room after the images had been shown, we would like to make it quite clear that he pulled the memory stick out of the computer and quickly left the room.”

“This incident has caused tremendous anxiety to us all as we have been ‘inadvertently’ thrown into a situation that we would not have chosen to be involved with.

“However, we feel compelled to get answers for the good of our children and the wider community.”