PSNI warn young people to celebrate end of exams 'responsibly'

Police warn IDs will be checked by door staff.
Police warn IDs will be checked by door staff.

Police are appealing to young people planning to come to Dungannon tonight to celebrate the end of the exams to do so responsibly.

In a Facebook post, the local PSNI said: "We have heard reports of buses of children planning to come to Dungannon from farther afield to attend licensed premises in our area. Now comes the warning - our licensees are well aware of the law and their door staff will be thoroughly checking IDs before letting people in.

"If you're not over 18 you will be turned away and have the prospect of a night on the streets of Dungannon. And as it's Northern Ireland let's face it, there will be rain!

"We will be on duty and ready to deal with those thinking false IDs are the way in. Don't be duped - the door staff are switched on and will find you out and pass you on to us. We don't want to criminalise young people but if you are trying to use a false ID you will have to be brought to our attention.

"Parents - please please please check where your kids are planning to celebrate. It's their safety we have in mind".