Puffin Crossing confirmed for Church Street

COOKSTOWN SDLP Councillor Tony Quinn has welcomed confirmation from Roads Service that the proposed ‘Puffin’ pedestrian crossing in Church Street is expected to be installed by the end of the Summer.

Road Service officially announced the decision at a meeting with Cookstown Council on Tuesday 22nd May.

Councillor Quinn said: “Confirmation that the proposed pedestrian crossing in Church Street will be installed by the end of the summer this year is welcome news for local residents.

“Even more welcome is the news that the crossing will be at the locally preferred alternative site to the one initially proposed by Road Service.

“When the proposal for a pedestrian crossing was first made in January this year a site meeting took place with representatives from Road Service, local residents, businesses, and myself.

“We visited the initial location selected by Road Service but then pointed out a different location, preferred by local residents and businesses, close to Gortalowry House, Church Street, a local supermarket, hairdressers, fast food outlets and a local church.

“In addition, the locally proposed location was ideal for a Puffin crossing because it allowed residents from nearby streets and estates to cross the road safely. This was a particular concern for the residents of Dunleath Avenue who currently must negotiate three lanes of busy traffic to get to the previously mentioned facilities and businesses.

“This process highlights the importance of all interested parties in such decisions meeting on site to resolve issues for the benefit of all the community.”

Councillor Quinn added: “I wish to thank all who assisted in bringing this issue to a satisfactory conclusion. Particularly the representatives from Road Service, who listened intently to the arguments being made to ensure they had the Puffin crossing installed at the most suitable location for local residents’ safety.”