‘R’ driver late for band practice clocked at 80mph

A RESTRICTED driver caught by police driving at 80mph has been fined and had penalty points endorsed on his licence.

Neil James Oliver (18) of Mllix Road, Ballygawley was stopped by police on the Annaghilla Road on August 27th of this year.

When cautioned Oliver told police: “I’m sorry. I’m late for band practice.”

Defence solicitor Jarlath Faloon said the tuba player, who passed his test in January, was late for practice with his silverware band.

He added that Oliver apologised to the court for his excessive speed on the night in question and needed his licence to be able to travel to his place of work, where he is an engineer.

Dungannon District Judge John Meehan imposed a fine of £120 and endorsed four penalty points on his licence,