REFUSE collection workers at Magherafelt Council’s refuse who went the extra mile for a local pensioner have been praised.

Last Tuesday 72 year-old Winston McClean from the Coolshinney Road area of the town awoke to find his blue bin had been stolen.

After contacting the council, the operational services department told Mr McClean that they would look out for a stray bin in the area. They not only found it and returned it, but also fixed the recycling bin for Mr McClean.

He told the MAIL: “I put my blue bin out last week on Monday instead of Tuesday, on Coolshinney Road. On Tuesday morning it was gone.

“I phoned the council refuse department who said they would ask the lorry-men to look out for a stray bin, in case it was taken as a prank.

“An hour later, I got a phone call from the bin-lady, to say that someone had reported a stray bin with rubbish around it on the Megargy Road, 200 yards from my house.

“I went round to see, and it was my bin, but someone had tidied up the rubbish, first good deed!”

“I called the bin-lady again, and confirmed that it was my bin, that a wheel was now missing, but I had got it back home.

“Soon afterwards some people from the refuse collection department came to my house with a new wheel and fitted it to the bin. What service!”

Mr McClean offered his deepest thanks to those involved and praised their help and consideration.

He said: “I’m sure no private company would have equalled that, so here’s to our bin-men and may they long stay as a public service.

“My deepest thanks to all concerned.”

Magherafelt District Council Vice Chair councillor Catherine Elattar welcomed the local resident’s praise.

“It is always nice to hear praise for the great work that our coucil employees do.

“Thanks to Mr McClean for his comments and praise to those refuse workers who went the extra mile.”