Shouted abuse at police in Cookstown

Dungannon Courthouse TT0509-JS112
Dungannon Courthouse TT0509-JS112

An incident in Cookstown town centre in which a young man threatened to punch a police officer “in the f****** mouth”, was recalled at East Tyrone Magistrates Court on Friday.

Before the court was 20-year-old Darios Matos from Lime Court in the town, who admitted charges of disorderly behaviour, resisting police and attempted damage of a police cell van on July 2 last.

Imposing fines totalling £375 with a £15 offender levy, District Judge Michael Ranaghan told the defendant his behaviour had been “absolutely disgusting” in front of members of the public.

A Prosecution Service barrister said police had been on night time duties when the defendant came up shouting abuse such as “scum bags” and continued this behaviour after being warned.

While police were putting on handcuffs, he struggled with officers and shouted obscenities and kicked the police cell van several times.

A defence barrister said Matos had been out celebrating his birthday and friends had bought him too much to drink, and now wished to apologise to all involved.