Speeding Tyrone motorist drove for sixteen miles before police could stop him


A speeding motorist who did not stop for police after he was flagged down on the M1 motorway until sixteen miles later has been fined £200 and given four penalty points.

Darren Armstrong, 42, from The Meadows, Beragh, appeared at Dungannon Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

The court heard how Armstrong overtook a police car at 90mph early in the morning of June 27 at the A4 Annaghilla Road.

Police officers said the motorist made ‘an alarming acceleration’, and did not stop for them, even though they had their siren sounding and lights flashing.

Armstrong did not stop until 16 miles later at Lurgan, when another police car managed to pull him over.

His defence solicitor said that Armstrong had a clear driving record for the past ten years, and needed the car for work. Although the defendant was employed by a local company, he worked in England and had been travelling to the airport on the morning of the offence.

The solicitor added that traffic was very light on the motorway at that time of the morning, and research showed there was less chance of an accident driving on a motorway than an ordinary road.

However District Judge John Meehan pointed out that there was also an increased risk of fatality associated with motorway accidents.

The solicitor said that the defendant had admitted to the offence of driving at speed. “He should have thought twice”, said the legal representative and asked the judge not to take away Armstrong’s licence.