Top Tweets this week

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@SpencerGeorgeM - Time in cookstown rocks!!! Much love xx

@ianmccreamla - Attended the paralympic torch ceremony in Cookstown. Great to see a good crowd of people out enjoying themselves.

‏@OfficialMHick - Magherafelt @duponline chair Paul mcclean comments make #homosexuality illegal show #northernireland has long way go to have #equality #lgbt

@Kilsally - Much media attention on belfast band dancing outside RC church - Omagh Protestant Boys whilst halted were dancing Main St Cookstown,no probs

@ConnorPhillips - Thanks to No Fear Gear I got the chance to Moto X in Desertmartin for Cash for Kids

@DeirdreMayo - Enjoying the Fun Day in Cookstown for the paralympic torch with @ConnorPhillips and @SophieGMusic . Well done everyone!!

@AdrianRobinson2 - Picture power...the annual Desertmartin Parish Church Garden Fete and Vintage Rally is featured in the Mid Ulster Mail this week.

@SophieGMusic - been home about 5 hours and my neighbour has came in and died my hair pink. haha #LoveIt #Yolo #GoWithTheFlow #Ireland