‘Totting up ban’ after 90mph on Dungannon roads

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A man with a “very poor and disturbing” record of driving has been banned from the road after accumulating twelve penalty points.

The court heard how police travelling on the A4 Dual Carriageway on the night of August 4 had spotted a VW golf driven by Christopher Edwards, 21, from Magheradartin Road in Hillsborough, at 90mph.

When he presented his licence to Lisburn Police station, it was discovered that the defendant would be unable to take advantage of a fixed penalty as he already had nine points on his licence.

“He was significantly in excess of the speed limit,” his solicitor told the court.

“He was working at his uncle’s farm in Ballygawley. His uncle was away and he was drawing silage which is better to undertake at night.

“He is currently working as a digger driver. He hopes to start a haulage company and has bought a lorry.

“He would say that his licence is essential for his work. He also acts as transport for his father who suffers from COPD.

“I would ask that the court impose a short disqualification rather than the three points.”

Handing down three penalty points and a fine of £100, District Judge John Meehan said, “I don’t hold that this would be... proper in law.

“He has a very poor and disturbing record and unless this man is checked... he will remain an unacceptable risk to the public.”

He then confirmed that the imposition of three penalty points would lead to a total of twelve and an automatic disqualification from driving for six months.