Two arrests as police uncover 'large cultivation operation' in Mid Ulster

Police have released a picture showing a what they describe as a "large cultivation operation" and around £35,000 in drugs seized at Maghera.

Wednesday, 25th September 2019, 9:46 am
PSNI picture of the 'large cultivation operation' they uncovered in Maghera.

In a Magherafelt PSNI Facebook post they wrote: "A short time ago DST and the Neighbourhood team were in the Maghera area primed with the bed red key - only to feel slight disappointment that the door wasn’t locked."You can imagine the occupants surprise when they look up to see us all standing there."Initial disappointed was short lived as we promptly found what we came for, a large cultivation operation, phones, drugs paraphernalia, equipment and around £35,000 worth of drugs."As is often the case, some dodgy and seriously dangerous electric extraction was going on with cables spliced into the mains - as you can see in the pics."Great work by NIE to come in very quickly and make everything safe."Two arrested for possession, possession with intent to supply and extraction of electricity. Off to the cells."