Two years probation for ‘fetishist’ who ejaculated during examination by female doctor in Magherafelt


A 44-year-old man who has a ‘fetish’ for female medical staff has been ordered to spend two years on probation after ejaculating in front of a doctor and nurse at a Magherafelt medical centre.

Derry Crown Court heard how Jeffrey Alexander Kennedy behaved in an indecent manner when he ejaculated in front of the women while receiving medical treatment.

Kennedy, of Moorfields Road, Ballymena, pleaded guilty to committing an act outraging public decency on June 2, 2014.

The court was told Kennedy went to a medical centre in Magherafelt complaining of chest pains, and as he was being examined by a female doctor and nurse, he began moving his pelvic area.

A “wet patch appeared on his trousers and he had an erection at the time”.

The court was told the medical staff “were shocked to say the least” but continued to treat the defendant.

However, tests showed there was nothing wrong with his heart.

It was revealed Kennedy has behaved in a similar way 500 times in the past.

He is subject to a sexual offences prevention order which bans him from entering any medical facility unless he has a scheduled appointment, it is an emergency or he has a genuine medical complaint. This lasts until 2020.

Passing sentence, Judge Gemma Loughran said the 44-year-old “seems to have a fetish for female medical practitioners”.

She added Kennedy “feigns medical conditions so that you will come into contact with female medical practitioners and you have done this on hundreds of occasions”.

Judge Loughran warned the defendant: “If you continue to behave in this way you will go to jail.”