Tyrone man jailed for courthouse incident

Dungannon Courthouse
Dungannon Courthouse

A Coalisland man who told a police officer he would knock his teeth down his throat during an incident at Dungannon Courthouse, was jailed for six months at the local Magistrates Court last Wednesday.

Paddy Ward (31), of Torrent Valley, appeared on charges of assaulting the officer, disorderly behaviour, resisting police and damaging a cell van on May 8.

District Judge John Meehan told Ward that people needed to understand that if they come to court to misbehave they will go to jail.

He said Ward had brought “a vendetta into the hall of the court”, and had acted appallingly towards people who were attending court lawfully and attacked a police officer.

Imposing a four-month sentence with a £25 offender levy, the judge also activated a two-month suspended sentence imposed for a previous offence.

The court heard that Ward attempted to hinder an elderly couple, one of whom was using a walking stick, as they were leaving the courthouse.

Counsel prosecuting said he followed them before being stopped by a police constable who escorted the couple to their car. When the officer returned to the building he was confronted by Ward who was verbally abusive and behaved in an aggressive manner. She said he tensed his arm as if to strike the officer who had to push him away before calling 999 for help. A defence lawyer said Ward had moved house and “wants these matters to come to an end”.