Vandalism at Tyrone canal 'putting lives at risk'

Council Chair Cllr Martin Kearney has condemned the vandalism.
Council Chair Cllr Martin Kearney has condemned the vandalism.

Mid Ulster District Council has condemned the vandalism and removal of essential lifesaving equipment and throwlines along the Coalisland Canal Walk after a spate of incidents in recent weeks.

Lifesaving equipment, including housing, caps and posts have been removed, or tampered with, and full dog foul bags have been left in some of the vandalised casings.

The throwlines are essential, potentially lifesaving equipment that can make a difference to someone in trouble in the water where they are unable to assist themselves or until rescue services can reach the scene.

Chair of Mid Ulster District Council, Councillor Martin Kearney, in condemning the vandalism, reiterated the importance of leaving throwlines in place and not tampering with them.

“The recent incidents of vandalism and tampering with essential lifesaving equipment along the Coalisland Canal Walk must be condemned. When this equipment is damaged maliciously, the vandals can be contributing towards someone losing their life where it would otherwise be saved, and are putting at risk the lives of 2,500 people from the local community who use the riverside walk every month.

“This type of behaviour is extremely irresponsible and could have had serious consequences, so we would ask that if members of the public do notice or witness any damage to these devices anywhere along the walk that they report it to the police or the council immediately.”