VIDEO: Cookstown street fight caught on camera late at night

A group of men have been caught on camera in a mass brawl that started in the middle of Cookstown’s main road and ended up in a local resident’s front garden.

Up to 20 men can be seen in the footage, which was captured during a Saturday night in February, either as spectators to the fight, throwing punches or wrestling.

Up to 10 men involved in Cookstown brawl

Up to 10 men involved in Cookstown brawl

One man appears to throw another into the front garden of a Loy Street home before hitting him with his fist a number of times.

It is understood the men involved had been drinking at a nearby venue before the street fight broke out.

From the footage it can be seen that the brawl went on for around two minutes, only calming down when two police officers appear.

But one of the officers can be seen kicking the gate of the residence where the fight ended up in frustration at their failure to get it open.

The hedge of the home in question became a casualty of the fight.