Warning follows oil thefts

AFTER two families in Cookstown had their home heating oil stolen recently, police have renewed a wanring to the public ro be vigilant around their own houses as well as those of their neighbours.

Anyone who sees suspicious activity including strange vehicles, cold callers and so on is aksed to report what they have seen to police.

Advice for homeowners conerned about the threat of home heating oil theft includes: Checking your heating level regularly, preferably daily but at least twice a week.

There are many devices on the market for measuring how much oil is in your tank – buy one and use it (oil sentry, oil watchman etc. See local supplier for details).

Ensure your tank has some lock features. They could include a lockable fuel cap and sensor lighting coverage. Also be more wary if you heating tank is easy accessible to from a nearby road or car park. If it is you are at a higher risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Be a good neighbour and report anything suspicious around a neighbour’s home. This could include an oil tanker or van in a driveway at an unusual time or people taking hoses through to an oil tank. If you are suspicious note details and ring 0845 600 8000 immediately.