Warning over bogus callers after distraction burglary in Cookstown

COOKSTOWN SDLP Councillor Tony Quinn has warned Cookstown constituents of the danger of bogus callers safter a pensioner was robbed of £300 in a distraction burglary.

The incident took place recently in the town centre area and it is understood the the thief had called to a number of pensioners homes claiming to be from the Housing Executive.

Councillor Quinn, who is a member of the Housing Council told the MAIL: “It cannot be emphasised enough how important it is for any householder, and particularly for elderly residents, to confirm the identity of anyone seeking access to their house or home.

“No genuine caller will be offended at being asked to provide confirmation that they are who they claim to be.

“In this most recent case, I understand that an adult white male claiming to be from the Housing Executive called at a number of pensioners’ homes. Having told residents that he was there to look at ‘guttering’ on behalf of the Housing Executive, he tricked his way into one home and stole £300 from a vulnerable pensioner.”

Councillor Quinn also described how a lot of similar cases are not being reported to police or local represenatives “due to the victim’s embarrassment, confusion or fear”

Councillor Quinn added: “Anyone with any information about this crime should come forward and tell the police what they know.

“I would also urge all relatives or friends of vulnerable people in our community to ensure that they are aware of the ‘Quick Check’ advice on callers available from Cookstown District Council or via the police.”