Warrant issued for arrest of Coalisland terrorism accused

Coalisland Police Station
Coalisland Police Station

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of a Coalisland man who to failed to turn up at court over alleged terrorism charges dating back 18 years.

Paul ‘Skunner’ Campbell was due before Judge Meehan at Dungannon Magistrates Court yesterday [Wednesday], but neither he nor his legal representation appeared.

The 37-year-old had been released on bail under extremely tight conditions in October, despite police objections.

A subsequent appeal from the Public Prosecution Service over his bail and concerns he might be a flight risk failed.

But a High Court judge in Belfast imposed strict bail conditions, including the wearing of an electronic tag and cash sureties totalling £20,000.

Campbell was also ordered to surrender his passport and was banned from leaving Northern Ireland.

Registered as living at The Mills in Coalisland, Campbell is also believed to have an address in Monaghan.

He was arrested over a 1997 attack on Coalisland Police Barracks as he boarded a train in Portadown in October last year.

The arrest came after new forensic evidence came to light.

Until now Campbell appeared at all hearings in relation to his case and giving him the benefit of the doubt, Judge Meehan waited until 2pm yesterday before issuing a warrant for his arrest “given the seriousness of the charge”.

A sworn in court official confirmed he had tried to call the defendant, and that there was no response, there was also no sign of Campbell or his lawyers within the confines of the court.