Was ‘out of control’ on drugs and drink

A Coalisland man told Probation that he was “out of control” and abusing alcohol and cocaine five days a week when he was caught drunk behind the wheel

The court heard how an incident outside a bar led to a collision between cars in a nearby car park on July 2nd involving Thaddeus Gerard McLernon, 27, from Ardmore Terrace.

His barrister, Mr Craig Patton, told the court that his client had admitted charges of disqualified driving, no insurance, and drink driving, but had contested charges of failure to report and remain at the scene of an accident.

“His convictions for the driving matters will hardly endear him to the court nor will his very concerning use of alcohol and cocaine five times a week.

“He admits that it has gone beyond his methods of control.

“In the report he shows a good level of insight. He says that he shouldn’t have had the car in the first place and thanks God that no-one was hurt.

“He looks back on the period of alcohol and drug use and he realises that he was out of control.

Handing down a three month prison sentence, District Judge John Meehan described his disbelief at how the defendant had “barged his car into other vehicles, looking to pick a fight” just a few weeks after he had been disqualified from driving.

“This was flagrant disregard for the court,” he said.

“By you own admission you have been taking alcohol and drugs five days a week.

“You showed no insight into the risk that you pose to other road users.

“You are a freerider,” he told McLernon, already a serving prisoner

He also imposed fines totalling £150 and banned him from driving for two years.

An offender’s levy of £25 was also imposed.