Welder’s ‘foolish decision’ results in driving ban

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A welder who bumped into his neighbour’s car while moving his vehicle out of the driveway for a bin lorry collection, has lost his licence for 16 months.

Igors Sarkisjans, from Gortmyre, Coalisland, was also fined £250 with a £15 offender levy for driving while unfit.

The 54-year-old was fined a further £150 for failing to report the incident on December 27 last.

District Judge Michael Ranaghan said that while he gave the defendant credit for entering an early plea and that he had driven a short distance, his action had resulted in a collision and inconvenience to another driver.

Prosecuting counsel said police were called to a report of a collision with a parked vehicle at an address in Coalisland.

He said they eventually “caught up” with the defendant and arrested him. While in custody, he admitted during interview consuming vodka and accepted responsibility for the collision.

The lawyer added that no one was injured in the collision in which minor damage was caused to the parked vehicle.

A defence lawyer said Sarkisjans had made a “foolish decision” to move his vehicle.

He pointed out that both vehicles sustained scratches as a result of the defendant “bumping into the other vehicle.”

The lawyer added that the disqualification would cause difficulties for the defendant who travelled to his work and to hospital appointments.