‘What the f**k do you want’ Cookstown woman shouted at police


A Cookstown woman has been fined after pleading guilty to disorderly behaviour.

Police received a report of a disturbance on January 24 at Beechway and there discovered Arlene Sheridan, 27,, a resident, shouting expletives in the direction of a house from nearby steps.

“He’s f**king in there,” she was heard to shout.

When police approached she shouted, “What the f**k do you want?” and “Arrest me if you want” before redirecting her abuse towards the house.

The officers warned Ms Sheridan, who is unemployed, to moderate her behaviour and when she continued they arrested her.

Her solicitor, Mr Kevin McElduff, told the court that his client, a single parent of one boy, had been drinking and had “wanted to get a few things off her chest” with an ex-partner.

“But”, he said, “she now realises that this was a bad choice.”

District Judge John Meehan handed down a fine of £150 and ordered that the court levy of £15 be imposed.