‘What were you doing driving at 107mph?’

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“The car wouldn’t go that fast!” a man told police after they clocked him at 107mph near Dungannon, a court has heard.

Appearing before East Tyrone Magistrate’s Court was Jonathan McDaid, 33, from Meadowbank Place in Belfast.

He admitted a charge of excess speed dated to August 25th.

The court heard how police on patrol on the A4 road close to Dungannon on the afternoon of the day in question, clocked Mr McDaid at 107mph - 37mph in excess of the speed limit.

“The car wouldn’t go that fast!” he commented when he was stopped and told of his speed.

“He apologises for his speed and, despite his comments to police, accepts the charge,” said Mr Karl Mallon, defending.

“He had just heard from his sister that his father had taken a heart attack. Thankfully it was angina.

“He is unemployed... but is in the position now that he is a fully qualified HGV driver.”

Deliberating over sentence, District Judge John Meehan recounted a number of driving convictions on his record including dangerous driving, several no insurance, and speeding since 2002.

“He has an appalling record with manifest dangers to the public,” Judge Meehan said.

“What were you doing driving at 107 mph?” he asked the defendant before handing down a six month driving ban and a fine of £250. A £15 offender’s levy was imposed.