Young thugs target motorists

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Cookstown neighbourhood police have stepped up patrols in the town centre in an effort to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Groups of young people are reported to be throwing objects at passing motorists and kicking shop shutters.

Police have received complaints from business owners and members of the public.

In a post on their Facebook page police said youngsters, aged approximately 13-15, are behind the trouble.

“Throwing objects at passing vehicles could result in a collision or damage/injury and furthermore land a young person in court,” the post read.

“We would remind parents to be mindful of what their children are doing in the evenings and who they are with and where.”

They stressed that the neighbourhood police team would be increasing their foot patrols in the area and the young people involved in any such behaviour will be asked to explain themselves in front of their parents.

Cookstown Ulster Unionist Party Councillor Trevor Wilson said the police are doing their best to deal with the problem but they could not be there all the time.

He acknowledged that it was “a very difficult matter” for the authorities to tackle without help from the public.

“Somebody has information that can help the police,” he continued.

“It’s a very dangerous situation if objects are being thrown at vehicles passing through the town centre.

“It could result in an accident or damage to the vehicle, so it’s not good.”

Councillor Wilson appealed to anyone who has information about those involved to contact the police.

He also called on parents to ensure they know of the whereabouts of their children at all times, particularly in the evenings.