Crowdfunding page set up for Ballinderry man on life support in London hospital

The Just Giving campaign to support the Wilksinson family has smashed its target
The Just Giving campaign to support the Wilksinson family has smashed its target

A Just Giving campaign to raise money for the family of a south Derry man who's in intensive care at a London hospital has raised twice its target.

Noel Wilkinson is understood to have broken his neck in a serious accident in London last Wednesday, and has since been receiving treatment in the ICU at Kings College Hospital.

On the Just Giving page, which was set up by Sarah Lennon, it says: "He was rushed to theatre for major surgery on Wednesday afternoon. He has broken his neck and presently we do know that damage has occurred to the respiratory nerves as he has had difficulty breathing on his own."

She goes on to say that Noel is still on a ventilator and that it's "unknown if he will breathe again on his own" but that plans are "being made to lower the ventilation over the next few days to see how his body responds".

She also said: "The injury he has sustained to his spinal cord has affected the nerves associated with his movement and possible ability to walk in the future.

"Presently he has no feeling or movement in his body from his chest down and the only nerve response received has been in his right arm."

Overwhelmed by the support they have received, she said the Wilkinson family has thanked every who has reached to support them.

But as Mr Wilkinson "remains too critical to transport home" they "won't be coming home for a while".

And this, says sarah, is why the funding is needed: "To enable people the opportunity to help the Wilkinson family in their time of need... to support Noel, Marian, Ryan, Hannah and Lauren by helping to contribute to accommodation and whatever financial assistance they may need at this time until Noel is fit to return home.

"The family wanted to state that any funds that aren't used for costs from this page will be donated to Spinal Injury charities.

"Thanks to everyone and any help is greatly appreciated at this time."

So far the campaign has raised just short of £10,000 - twice its £5,000 aim.

If you would like to help support Noel's family, click the link below: